“Minghun” is a unique project bringing outstanding creators together.  It’s another film by Jan P. Matuszyński.The director came to fame after his feature debut “The Last Family”, and as the creator of the series “The King of Warsaw”, which won the hearts of a wide audience. Matuszyński’s latest film “Leave No Traces” was qualified for the main competition at the Venice Film Festival. The author of the script is Grzegorz Łoszewski, and the Creative Producer is Krzysztof Rak.
It is a story about loss, hope, the desire for love, the search for the meaning of life and the answer to what comes after it. It is about the most important emotions and existential limits of human experience.
Minghun describes the Chinese folk custom involving the marriage of two deceased so that they can lead a happy life after death. For the main character, who loses a loved one in tragic circumstances, it is an excuse to travel deeply into himself. The clash of two very different cultures is to help make both film characters and the viewer aware that regardless of their origin, we all belong to one human family, where basic emotions are shared.
Jan P. Matuszyński
Grzegorz Łoszewski
Klaudiusz Frydrych
Krzysztof Rak
Inga Kruk
Director of photography: Kacper Fertacz
Production designer: Joanna Kaczyńska
Casting by: Piotr Bartuszek, PoPing AuYeung
Make-up by: Pola Guźlińska
Costume design by: Emilia Czartoryska
Editing by: Leszek Starzyński

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